About Us

BK Scientific is an independent research and consulting company that provides data, scientific expertise, consulting services, data analysis services, and software development to clients in Europe and elsewhere including government agencies, research institutions, universities, and other commercial research companies. The focus of the services provided is primarily in the field of environmental and climate change science. The company provides unique services to its clients such as:

  • Software development for the validation and interpretation of satellite-based measurements of atmospheric composition
  • Development of retrieval algorithms for remote sensing of the atmosphere
  • Data manipulation, trend analysis, and analysis of climate prediction indicators

In addition to a ‘service-for-fee’ business model, the company also engages directly in funded research (e.g. via research grants) in the fields of stratospheric ozone depletion, climate change impacts and innovative solutions to environmental problems (including renewable energies and energy efficiency). BK Scientific collaborates with a number of international universities, research facilities and companies.

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